MUGGED: Two young men detained for robbing and assaulting woman in Spain

ROQUETAS DEL MAR: There the violent robbery took place Photo Credit: Shutterstock

THE GUARDIA CIVIL have apprehended two young men on charges of mugging a woman at knifepoint in Roquetas de Mar, Almeria.

According to the victim, two youths got out of a car as she was passing and approached her, asking if she had cigarettes. One then pulled out a knife and threatened her while the other snatched her purse from her handbag.

When she demanded they give her back her purse, the young man wielding the knife hit her several times in the face, leading to injuries for which she subsequently required medical treatment in the El Poniente hospital.


Guardia officers were able to identify the suspects’ vehicle leading to the detentions of the individuals identified as 21-year old J.J.S.S. and a 17-year old. They were arrested on charges of robbery with violence and intimidation with a bladed weapon.



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