‘Wolf Pack’ member asks Spain for compensation for being ‘unjustly’ imprisoned

'UNFAIR': Angel Boza of the Wolf Pack will claim compensation Photo Credit: La Manada group

A LAWYER, Agustin Martinez, representing Angel BOZA of the infamous ‘Wolf Pack’ has made it known that his client will claim compensation for ‘unfairly ‘ being sentenced to prison.

Angel Boza was released from prison on Friday after serving time for the robbery of sunglasses.

Boza is claiming compensation from the State for the four months he was “unfairly” incarcerated in prison.


Spanish media report that Boza’s lawyer Martinez is convinced his client was sentenced to four months due to “social pressure” as Boza is a member of ‘La Manada’ (Wolf Pack), the five men convicted of sexual abuse of a girl in 2016.

“The judges do not live in an urn away from television,” claimed Martinez on Spanish TV.

Martinez stresses that another defendant would have most likely received ‘preventive detention’ charges and be spared of prison.

“My client has been deprived of liberty for a time unfairly” claimed Martinez, adding the “logical” choice would be to pursue compensation from the State.



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