WILDLIFE involved in third of collisions according to police report in Spain

WILD BOAR: Two hurt in separate crashes with wild boar this morning. CREDIT: Shutterstock

ANIMALS on the road were the cause of almost 2,500 traffic accidents in Cataluña so far this year, a rise of 100 per cent since 2010.

According to figures released by the Mossos d’Esquadra, 80 per cent of incidents reported involved wild boar, roe deer or foxes also implicated.

Head of Mossos Traffic in Poniente, Jordi Batista, said ‘the number of accidents due to animal invasion in the road represents 30 per cent of total traffic accidents in Cataluña in 2018’.


He added that the animals ‘usually appear on conventional roads at night, during the spring and autumn, when they go out in search of something to eat’.

While incidents of this sort have increased significantly since 2010, when 1,119 accidents were registered, the number of accidents involving animals ‘decreased compared to 2015’, when there were 4,512 cases, the highest recorded.

Batista added that ‘about 5 per cent of accidents due to animal irruption cause victims, although the majority are not deadly’.

In 2017 four people were killed in accidents of this kind.


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