Greats gather for International Flamenco Gala in southern Spain

RECOGNITION: Manuela Carrasca is an internationally recognized flamenco dancer and choreographer. CREDIT: Vera Town Hall Facebook page

SEVILLIAN flamenco dancer Manuela Carrasco received the City of Vera, Almeria International Flamenco Award at a gala event.

Speaking at the presentation at the Vera Town Theatre Auditorium, Vera Mayor Felix Lopez said the award was a recognition of the dancer and choreographer as a leading figure and an artist, and for her important contribution to flamenco as an internationally recognised gypsy woman.

Andalucia School of Flamenco President explained the international flamenco awards went to “grand figures for their professional and artistic career and for their work in the universalization of this art declared by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2010.”


Manuela Carrasco has a career spanning more than 50 years. She had performed throughout Spain and abroad, scooping numerous awards over the years, among them the National Prize for Dance and the Medal of Andalucia, and performing with some of the greatest flamenco stars, among them Camaron, Farruco and Fernanda de Utrera.

The III City of Vera International Flamenco Prizes Gala was organized by Vera council in collaboration with the Andalucia School of Flamenco to mark the International Day of Flamenco.

The event also had the support of the Secretary of State for the national Ministry of Overseas Affairs and Cooperation Ministry Global Spain, the Spanish Government seeing the initiative as part of a strategy to promote flamenco abroad as part of the national culture.

The gala featured a performance by young Granada artist Cristina Aguilera and invited artist, dancer Juan de Juan.


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