Dog attack leaves mother and daughter dead in Spain

MASTIFF: Not known for being dangerous. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

A MUM  and her grown up daughter  have been mauled to death by their own pet dogs in Spain in  an attack that has rocked the local  community.

The  bodies  of the two  women were found  by their husbands after  the gruesome attack by two  French (Bordeaux) mastiffs left  them with multiple bite wounds that  proved fatal.

The  mother,  aged 57,  was covered  in multiple bites  that shocked paramedics  attending, while the daughter,  aged 41, is said to have suffered  a severe neck injury.


Neighbours in the  residential area of Balcon del Tajo in Colmenar  de Oreja near Madrid said they could not understand  why the animals – a breed not known as being particularly  dangerous – should turn on the two women, who had brought them  up from pups.

Four  other dogs  on the premises  at the time are not  thought to have joined  in the attack. On discovering  the bodies the women’s husbands  locked the dogs away before calling  emergency services, who could only confirm  the death of the victims on Wednesday afternoon.  

The  dogs have  been taken to  a Madrid animal  shelter while investigations  continue. These were the fourth  and fifth deaths due to dog attack  in Spain this year.


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