Sanchez tells May Spain will still veto Brexit deal if Gibraltar arrangements do not change

VETO THREAT: Sanchez (inset) wants changes to Brexit arrangements for Gibraltar. Photo credit: Shutterstock

SPAIN’S Prime Minister has told his British counterpart he still plans to veto the draft agreement on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU) if Gibraltar clauses do not change.

Pedro Sanchez telephoned Theresa May yesterday (Wednesday) and told her Spain would vote no to the agreement unless it states Madrid and London will talk solely about Gibraltar post-Brexit.

EU leaders are due to gather for a summit to vote on the draft Withdrawal Agreement this Sunday.


Sanchez told an audience in Valladolid that the Gibraltar issue affected the essence of Spain itself.

“If the problem of future talks on Gibraltar is not resolved, Spain will have to vote no to the Brexit agreement.”

His comments come after authorities from the British enclave returned from Madrid yesterday after agreeing arrangements on taxes and other areas during the Brexit transition period after EU withdrawal.

Sanchez said the reaching of those agreements showed Spain would prepared to take a “constructive attitude” towards future talks.

The British Prime Minister told Parliament she would not allow Gibraltar to be excluded from talks on the country’s relationship with the EU after Brexit.

“We want a deal that works for the whole British family and that includes Gibraltar,” May said.

Spain’s Prime Minister wants the EU to make clear that any negotiations on Gibraltar and relations after Brexit will be undertaken solely between Madrid and London.

Spain has long-standing claims of sovereignty over Gibraltar. The territory was ceded to Britain in the early 18th Century.


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