WATCH: Ten arrested and 16 dogs rescued from horrific conditions in animal abuse crackdown in Spain

SAVED: Dogs were found frightened, dehydrated, malnourished and showing signs of infection. Photo Credit: National Police

POLICE have made a series of arrests in a crackdown on animal abuse in Velez Malaga.

Officers from the National Police arrested 10 people and rescued 16 dogs over the course of six separate investigations after receiving tip-offs from members of the public.

All animals were found to need veterinary assistance, and one was found already dead, after police raided a series of homes and farms in Velez Malaga.


One investigation led police to a junkyard where they say they found a seriously ill dog locked inside.

Three other animals were also said to be found locked in a cage, frightened, dehydrated, malnourished and showing signs of infection.

Police arrested those responsible for the animals.

In another investigation, officers rescued a four-year-old dog reportedly showing signs of liver disease, and whose leg had been dislocated in an accident.

The animal’s owner had allegedly failed to take his pet to a vet, leaving the animal to suffer.

Police urgently sought assistance for the dog and later detained the owner for crimes of animal abuse.

Another incident saw two dogs, aged 5 and 8, which had not received any veterinary help and had been living in an unhygienic area used for growing drugs.

In another raid, police reportedly found two dogs showing signs of serious illness tied to the rear gate of a building.

Officers discovered the owner had moved house and left the dogs tied up.  He was later arrested.

Another owner was arrested in Mezquitilla for animal abuse resulting in death after allegedly killing a three-year-old Labrador by suffocating it with a rope around its neck.

In another incident, a hunting dog had to be put down after police reportedly found it discarded by its owners and showing signs of malnutrition.

Once examined by a vet, the animal was found to show signs of serious disease and kidney failure.

After receiving urgent help, the animal’s condition worsened until he had to be put down.

The dog’s two owners- a father and son- were arrested for animal abuse resulting in death.

Maltrato animal y colaboración ciudadana

Gracias a la colaboración ciudadana, han sido detenidas 10 personas en #Málaga por maltratar a 16 perros en fincas y viviendas de la localidad. La investigación se inició gracias a varios ciudadanos que alertaron de la situación de abandono y maltrato que estaban sufriendo los perros en distintas viviendas y fincas de la localidad. #MaltratoAnimal

Geplaatst door Policía Nacional op Maandag 19 november 2018


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