WATCH: Dad videos 160km/h (99 mph) in-care speeding son on way back to juvenile centre

The youth was accompanied by his father, who filmed him reaching excessive speeds on the motorway using a mobile phone. Photo Credit: National Police

A 17-YEAR-OLD youth in Spain who appeared in video footage driving at 160 km/h (99 mph) on the A-68 in Logroño, northern Spain, has been arrested after his father shared the video to social media.

The youth was filmed on a motorway by his dad with his mobile phone.

The father has also been taken into police custody for publishing the “feat” of his son to social media.

The footage was allegedly recorded two weeks ago when the dad of the detained youth allowed him to drive back to the juvenile centre where he lives.

Police say the youth was returning from a period of leave from the centre.

They claim the young man boasted of his “feat” to friends and educators once back at the centre and was promptly reported to the police, leading to his arrest.


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