Survivor tells story of how Nazis bombed Spain in new documentary premiering this month

SURVIVOR: Angel Beltran CREDIT: SUICAfilms/Stuka Experiment

A DOCUMENTARY detailing Nazi bombings in four tiny Spanish towns in Castellon is being screened in cities across Spain this month.

‘Experimento Stuka’ focuses on a period of 1938, during the Spanish Civil War, when villagers in Benassal, Albocasser, Ares del Maestrat and Vilar de Canes, reportedly witnessed three planes bomb their homes, killing 40 people.

The film is a Valencian production, directed by Pepe Andreu and Rafa Moles, and produced by SUICAfilms and Television Española.


It marks the 80th anniversary of the bombings carried out by pilots of the Condor Legion, and is based on surviving recollections, including those of survivor Angel Beltran, photographs and documents.

Some 66 aerial pictures are revealed which show the ground ‘like something from a board game’.

According to the directors, in addition to documenting a fact ‘little studied in the European war history’, Stuka Experiment also addresses the psychological background of every war, ‘decisions that trigger tragedies’.

The film was selected at the international documentary film festivals in DocsBarcelona, ​​Memorimage and DocsValencia, where it ‘received special mention’.

It will be screened in Bilbao tomorrow (Friday), in Amposta on November 23; Barcelona on ​​November 27, Madrid, November 28 and Castellon, on the 30th.


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