Cars dragged into sea and more than 40 people evacuated after waves crash into Spain’s Canary Islands

CARS DRAGGED OUT TO SEA: High waves battered the coast. File image. Photo credit: Shutterstock

EMERGENCY SERVICES were forced to evacuate around forty people from two seafront buildings in Tenerife after waves entered the properties and knocked the lifts out of action.

The evacuation in the municipality of Garachico was ordered on Saturday night as the region was on severe weather alert.

Those who could not be accommodated with relatives and friends were looked after by Red Cross personnel in the municipal sports hall.


In the municipality of Adeje, waves broke the window of the restaurant of a hotel where several people dined. Local Police officers and members of the Guardia Civil managed to evacuate them all safely and there were no injuries.

Waves broke the windows of the first floor of a building in Mesa del Mar, in the municipality of Tacoronte, and the water reached the second floor, so several homes had to be evacuated. Again there were no injuries. 

Also, a car was dragged into the sea in the Jover, in the municipality of La Laguna, and another in Puerto de la Cruz in the area of El Penitente. In neither case were there any injuries.

WATCH: 40ft waves smash into seafront building ripping it apart in Spain’s Canary Islands



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