Enormous indoor marihuana plantation discovered in southern Spain

GOING IN: Guardia Civil went into the properties following a surveillance operation Photo Credit: Guardia Civil

GUARDIA CIVIL officers have uncovered a sophisticated indoor marihuana plantation in Vicar, Almeria and made four arrests.

The Guardia first launched Operation Propalar in May when they received a number of anonymous calls expressing concern about the strong smell of marihuana close to a primary school.

After narrowing down the possible sources of the smell, the Guardia put various properties under surveillance.


This revealed suspicious comings and goings from three terraced houses, all of them rented out, in the same street as the school.

Further investigations led the Guardia to suspect the basements of two of the properties, accessible only from an internal patio, could be being used for growing marihuana.

When officers finally went into the properties they found 1,795 marihuana plants.

They also discovered a complex system for powering the plantation and for facilitating the cultivation, storage and sale of the plants.

A search resulted in the seizure of €4,000 euros in cash, six mobile phones, a laptop, eight industrial air-conditioning units, 30 ventilators, six extractor fans, 243 halogen lamps and an Audi A5, as well as other items.

Four individuals aged between 22 and 50 were detained.


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