Woman and dog die in tragic ‘toxic gas’ incident in south of Spain

'TOXIC GAS' DEATH: The woman and her pet dog were found lying on a bed in the south of Spain. File image. Photo credit: Twitter / @EmergenciasSev

A WOMAN and her pet dog have been found dead in an apartment in southern Spain and first indications are that they were poisoned by toxic gas from a small cigarette burn in a pillow.

The 60-year-old woman and her pet were found lying motionless on a bed, in a closed room, in Sevilla after she didn’t answer a call and emergency services were alerted.

Neighbours reported a strong smell of gas and residents were evacuated by the police while firefighters conducted a search of the building without any sign of a leakage.


But on closer inspection of the death scene a cigarette burn was found in a pillow on the bed.

The initial hypothesis suggests that the burn could have generated a toxic gas.

Police investigations are continuing.


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