Illegal rave drugs bust by police in south of Spain

ILLEGAL: The rave lacked any authorisation. Photo credit: Guardia Civil

GUARDIA CIVIL officers have arrested three people on drugs charges at an illegal rave in Enix (Almeria) in the south of Spain.

Officers looking into the possible public safety offence came across a crowd of people partying to electronic music without any authorisation to stage a gathering of this kind.

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They spotted one of the partygoers heading for a car and then throwing a plastic bag on the ground, which they tried to hide.

Officers found a number of number of ecstasy pills with different logos inside the bag as well as cocaine wrapped up in plastic.

They also realised that a couple of other partygoers were showing the signs of having taken the drug, and when they frisked them they found further ecstasy pills, a substance called crystal in plastic wrapping and bags of marihuana and hashish.

The Guardia identified the three detained individuals as 23-year old J. A. C. G. A. from Aguadulce, C. R. S., also 23, from Almería city, and 20-year old A. F. F. from El Ejido.


  1. Isnt it time people were just left alone??? loads of immigrants coming here and your more concerned with diverting your own drug deliveries – busting everyone else for smoking a J and having a party!! GET a LIFE !!!!!

  2. They love the soft targets, don’t they? Absolutely pathetic to prioritise people having a good time when there’s burglaries and violent crimes happening all around. I respect the police in most other countries, but the Spanish police are just a bunch of bullies and thugs with huge chips on their shoulders.


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