CASE DROPPED: 19-month-old child ‘sex abuse’ man released without charge

FREEDOM: The alleged aggressor has been released Photo Credit: Google Maps

THE COURT of La Linea de la Concepción, Cádiz, currently handling the case of the alleged sexual violation of a 19-month-old baby, has released the alleged aggressor, the child’s father, without charge.

Spanish media report that “a few days ago he [the father] was admitted to prison” generating social uproar as the case was widely publicised.

The case has also generated controversy amongst researchers who have been analysing the evidence surrounding the case since the 19-month-old baby was taken into the hospital of La Linea in August.


The validity of a forensic report looking into the presence of the papilloma disease (HPV) in the child has been questioned and therefore so has the alleged violation of the 19-month-old baby.

After having taken a statement from the father in court, the presiding judge decided, based on the questionable evidence presented, to set the father free, releasing him without charge.

Police sources, however, have told media that the father’s case is not closed after 5,000 boxes of illegal tobacco were found during a search of his family home.


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