WATCH: Illusionist rescued after ‘losing consciousness’ during escape act in Spain

ILLUSIONIST: Pedro Volta. Photo credit:

AN ESCAPE artist is recovering in hospital after momentarily losing consciousness while performing a water tank trick in Spain.

The magician was submerged in a tank of water from which he had to escape while taking part in a spectacular in Navacerrada, Madrid.

But, after several minutes of struggling to break free, the illusionist lay motionless in the tank
According to the 112 Community of Madrid Emergency Services “there was a problem” and the assistants thought that the magician was drowning and pulled him from the tank before performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) manoeuvres.


But paramedics who attended the scene said that at ‘no time had he stopped breathing’ and it appeared to be only a “momentary loss of consciousness”.

However, he was taken to the Villalba Hospital for a check-up while the council that organised the event said on social networks that magician Pedro Volta was “in perfect condition”.

Speaking from hospital the magician explained that he “suddenly ran out of strength” something that had never happened in many rehearsals.

He hasn’t ruled out performing the trick again.


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