Police arrest two ‘drugs’ divers for negligence after their companion dies

DRUG DIVER DEATH: Police said they were highly-qualified equipment valued at more than €20,000. File image. Photo credit: Shutterstock

SPAIN’S National Police force has arrested two men who allegedly allowed their partner to die while they were diving for bales of cocaine off the coast of the south of Spain.

The man’s body was eventually found after ten days of intensive searching in September in the Getares area of Algeciras, Cadiz.

On the night of September 18, the skipper of a boat alerted authorities that he had lost track of a diver in the Boquete de los Bobiones area.


Police opened an investigation, taking statements from the two companions of the deceased diver, which threw up contradictions in their testimonies.

As officers delved deeper they allege that the divers were recovering bales of cocaine that had been dropped offshore – understood to be a common delivery method in the waters around Algeciras.

Police said they were highly-qualified divers with equipment valued at more than €20,000.

The two men have been detained in police custody awaiting a court appearance.


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