VIDEO: Passengers thrown into sea as ferry and boat collide in Spain’s Canary Islands

FERRY COLLISION: The heavily listing Naviera Armas ferry makes its way back to port. Photo credit: Facebook / fernandotruenovoz

A FERRY and a boat have collided in Gran Canaria and the impact resulted in several people being thrown into the sea.

The heavily listing Naviera Armas ferry that was operating the route between Las Palmas and Santa Cruz in Tenerife has now safely made it back to port.

It was initially reported that 15 people had been tossed into the sea but afterwards the number was reduced to three.


Coastguards received an emergency call from the crew to say some people who were on deck had fallen into the sea.

Two rescue boats and a helicopter were quickly on the scene to pluck them from the water. All were then transferred to the Doctor Negrín University Hospital in Las Palmas.

An investigation is now underway to discover how the vessels came to collide.

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