WATCH: Spanish couple THROWN OFF flight to Spain for failing to speak in English claim

KICKED OFF: The Spanish man and his wife were asked to leave the KLM flight. Photo Credit: Gonzalo Rubio Diaz via Twitter

A SPANISH couple has been ejected from a KLM flight to Madrid after an argument with cabin crew escalated due to the fact neither party could communicate with each other.

The incident, captured on video by fellow passengers, has since gone viral over social media.

It is alleged an argument broke out with the Spanish man after cabin crew moved his luggage from an overhead compartment and the passenger feared his laptop could be damaged if mishandled.


It is alleged that nobody among the cabin crew could communicate with the man in Spanish and that the passenger was unable to understand English.

Despite the protests of fellow passengers, with one woman heard saying “It cannot be, we’re going to complain about you”, a decision was taken to eject the man from the Amsterdam to Madrid flight after tensions rose.

The man’s wife also disembarked from the aircraft.

Twitter user Gonzalo Rubio Diaz posted the viral video saying: “Flight Amsterdam-Madrid. They take a Spanish passenger out of an airplane because there is no one on the crew who can speak with him in their language. The pilot says it was impossible to communicate with him. Company embarrassment”. 







  1. It sounds more like he was ejected from the aeroplane because he was working himself not because he could not speak English. Why let the truth get in the way of a good headline. That’s the press all over the world


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