Major train station in Spain evacuated after ‘grenade’ alert

'GRENADE' SCARE: Madrid's Atocha station was evacuated and (inset) the image picked up on security scanners in Barcelona

PARTS  of Madrid’s Atocha station were evacuated this morning and train services suspended after a security alert was triggered on a train due to arrive from Sants station in Barcelona.

Security scanners at the Barcelona station had picked up images of what appeared to be an explosive device.

National Police decided to evacuate areas of Atocha station in Madrid as the train with the suspect device onboard was due to arrive in Spain’s capital.


However, railway services at Atocha station resumed after 10.30am after police deactivated the alert for a bomb, declaring the situation a ‘false alarm’.

They took to Twitter to say: “Our agents have carried out the relevant checks at the # Atocha station in Madrid and it is a FALSE ALARM. The police device is dismantled. Everything goes back to normal. In matters of security, rely solely on official sources.”

The object which appeared on security’s x-ray screens was, in fact, the buckle of a belt, designed to look like a grenade, upon verification by the National Police.


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