Excess heat can cause halitosis

BAD BREATH: Dehydration in the heat can cause unexpected problems so drink lots of water. CREDIT: Shutterstock

THE long, hot summer days are almost behind us, but have you ever wondered what happens to the body in extreme heat.

Some people love the sultry conditions and overload of vitamin D, but for others it can wreak havoc with the body.

Hot weather can cause some painful chafing, unavoidable sweaty armpits and sleepless nights of relentless tossing and turning. And then there’s the hay fever.


But it can also give you bad breath.

Excessive heat can cause you to dehydrate, which has been proven to have the unsexy side effect of halitosis.

When the mouth becomes dry, bacteria accumulates due to a lack of saliva to wash it away.

During summer months, the body loses more water naturally through sweating. This, coupled with an increase in the use of hay fever medications, fad summer dieting, and increase in outdoor exercising and over exposure to the sun, can also make the problem worse.

It’s advisable to drink plenty of water, not just to combat bad breath, but to keep other body organs functioning well.

On a positive note, a healthy amount of sun can actually strengthen bones as vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium, commonly linked to strong bones.


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