WATCH: Inventive Ryanair passenger finds way to beat new baggage charges

SMART: Lee Cimino claims to have beaten the Ryan baggage policy Photo Credit: Lee Cimino / Shutterstock

A BRITISH man has claimed to have ‘cheated’ Ryanair’s recent baggage policy changes in a video that has since gone viral on social media.

Frustrated Ryanair passenger, Lee Cimino, said he bought tickets for a Ryanair flight two days after the airline’s latest baggage charges were brought into effect on November 1 when the airline introduced an additional £6-£8 charge for a second item of cabin luggage.

Mr Cimino claims,  in a video uploaded to social media, that he had no intention of upgrading to priority class or fitting “everything into the tiniest of bags” for his flight.


Instead, Mr Cimino said he found an “old coat” which he then customised and wore onboard his Ryanair flight, stuffing “the entire contents” of his carry-on bag into the “tailor-made” lining of his coat.

Mr Cimino said he boarded the Ryanair flight from Manchester to Belfast without any problems and avoided paying additional charges.

He said he is a big fan of the budget airline but claims Ryanair’s latest baggage policy is “a bit much.”

How to beat the new Ryanair baggage charges

This is for you if you've ever been frustrated by Ryanair. This is how you get around the new baggage charges every time. It might even make you smile 😀

Geplaatst door Lee Cimino op Zondag 4 november 2018

WHAT A CARRY-ON: Ryanair changes cabin bag policy AGAIN


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