Credit card cloner’s €5 million fraud operation shut down by police in Spain

COUNTERFEIT: Organised gang allegedly involved in credit card fraud has been disbanded CREDIT: Shutterstock

A MAN convicted of helping to finance the 9/11 Twin Tower attacks is believed to be behind an organisation allegedly involved in counterfeiting and cloning credit cards which has been disbanded by Spanish National Police.

A total of 19 arrests were made in Madrid at the weekend in connection with trying to defraud €5 million at ATMs and commercial establishments.


The actual amount the fraudsters managed to collect is said to be €500,000.

According to the authorities, the detainees were ‘specialised in the creation of fraudulent credit cards from real payment medium data acquired through skimming or carding on the darknet’.

Before using them fraudulently, the accused reportedly tested them on ‘dataphones’ to avoid possible anti-fraud measures and ‘corroborate their correct functioning’.

Officers confirmed the organisation was ‘perfectly structured’ and that its leader, whose identity has not been made public, ‘had been condemned for actively collaborating in obtaining money through fraudulent use and cloning of bank cards to finance the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York in 2001’.

The main suspect is believed to have left his house on rare occasions, disguising himself with wigs, sunglasses and caps when he did venture out.


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