Thomas Cook look to roll out more pre-bookable sunbeds in their Spanish holiday resorts

THOMAS COOK: 'may consider rolling out pre-bookable sunbeds to more hotels' Photo Credit: Thomas Cook

TRAVEL AGENCY Thomas Cook ‘may consider rolling out pre-bookable sunbeds to more hotels’.

A recent survey conducted by Thomas Cook found that one in ten people are in favour of the idea to pre-book sunbeds during package holidays.

Five per cent of holidaymakers that took part in the survey suggested they ‘definitely would’ pay to reserve poolside sunbeds at a Thomas Cook hotel.


A further five per cent answered they ‘probably would’ book a sunbed in advance if given the chance.

A Thomas Cook spokesman said: “With 22 million customers, this research shows that more than two million of our holidaymakers want to book a sunbed.”

“At the hotels we offer it, around one in 10 sunbeds are available to book so it’s clear we’re on the right track. Perhaps we need to ramp up the roll-out to more hotels.”

The decision to expand this offer comes after Thomas Cook became the first package holiday company to offer pre-bookable sunbeds, going as far as to allow guests to reserve specific sunbeds.

The idea looks to tackle ‘sunbed races’ which are a familiar sight to many holidaymakers in Spain when first thing fellow guests race to sunbeds to claim their spot.

Thomas Cook’s sunbed option costs £25 per sunbed, a fee which covers holidaymakers for the entirety of their stay and is available at 50 of its hotels at present.

The travel company also offers a map showing guests exactly where the sun will appear and at what time.



  1. Great idea. This is one of the reasons I stopped going to hotels as it is difficult to find somewhere unless you get up really early, and I don’t want to if I’m on holiday. Also nice to know there is somewhere reserved when I come back from a trip.


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