Phenomenon snapped in Spain

VIEW FROM BARCELONA: Mallorcan mountains. CREDIT: Xavi Cabo [email protected]

THE silhouette of Mallorca’s Serra de Tramuntana has become visible on the horizon of Barcelona, particularly from the Tibidabo.

The incredible sighting, which happens a handful of times at the end of the year, occurs only in ‘perfect conditions of visibility in the Catalan capital, when there are no clouds, a clean atmosphere and not too much light.

The best times are said to be in the morning.


Tweeter Xavi Cabo captured the visual phenomenon which shows the strip of sea and the cloud formations, with a blurred mountainous profile in the distance – the Mallorcan mountains.

It’s a particularly special sight as about 200 km separates the crest of the Serra de Tramuntana from the Catalan coast.


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