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SARDINES: Could help with ageing Credit: Wikimedia

WE ALL know fish is good for us at any time of our lives, but now scientists have found it can be particularly beneficial after we retire.

Researchers have found that eating a diet rich in oily fish can reduce the risk of age-related illnesses by up to a quarter.

The study carried out Tufts University in Boston, showed that pensioners with higher levels of Omega 3 oils- those found in oily fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines- were up to 24 per cent less likely to develop heart disease, dementia and cancer.  Scientists say the oils could also help to regulate blood pressure, heart rate and inflammation.


Researchers tracked 2,662 people with an average age of 74 to see how they aged.  They found.  The study’s lead author, Heidi. T.M. Lai, explained, “In our study we found that adults with higher blood levels of omega-3s from seafood were more likely to live longer and healthier lives. So it is a great idea to eat more fish.” In addition, the research showed, “participants in the highest group consumed about one additional weekly serving of fish, compared with the lowest group.”


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