Racist row as mum dresses daughter as Benidorm ‘looky looky’ beach seller for Halloween

LOOKY LOOKY ROW: Sienna's Halloween costume of a Benidorm beach seller. Photo credits: Shutterstock / Facebook

A MUM has sparked fury after painting her three-year-old daughter black and putting her in a ‘looky looky’ seller costume for Halloween.

Nursery nurse Claire Flynn, 26, from Motherwell, posted a photo of her daughter Sienna on Facebook holding a sign saying sunglasses for sale for €20 and wrote: “Happy Halloween from Benidorms finest… lookie lookie.”

The post has attracted around 800 comments with a mixture of pro and anti comments.


One person said: “Shameful! Your daughter will be so proud of her mother one day- especially after she loses her job and becomes unemployable. I would NEVER send my child to a nursery if this is how the staff act!

Another added: “Painting your three-year-old daughter in the first place is disgusting. I think anyone who’s black or mixed race should report this to the police. It’s pure disgusting.”

But there was support too: “There’s a ratio of over 10 / 1 here on likes and dislikes, get a life that 10% there are bigger issues to bash away on your keyboard about!!!”

Another added: “Good costume… these fools all need to get a hobby… or a job.”

Another Facebook user said: “You know for those arguing against this calling it hateful, all I see is hateful comments coming from you. Anger, hate, insults, sharing links to complain to people’s places of work. You are the problem, you are spreading hate, just live and let live.”

Claire told the Daily Record newspaper: “I’m just a creative person and that’s what Halloween is all about.

“It’s a kid in a costume wearing facepaint. People need to get a grip.

“I’m not going to bow down to anyone that has an issue with this.

She added: “I’m not a racist and I’ve not seen anyone calling me a racist and I’m definitely not one.”

Claire said: “I’m not going to apologise for this or delete my post.

“If people want to be all PC about it they need to take a look at themselves. It’s really not an issue.”

Happy Halloween from Benidrorms finest……lookie lookie

Geplaatst door Claire Flynn op Woensdag 31 oktober 2018

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  1. As usual the PC brigade, so desperate to be offended on behalf of others, rush to condemn, spewing more hate than is caused by the act itself. Are any of those complainants actually black? I suspect not, as they rarely are, black people have more sense than to get offended by a child dressing up. White liberals seek racism where it isn’t. Please just calm down, you just cause more racial division by indignantly stirring up hatred as you are doing now.


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