WATCH: Police raid frees young transsexuals forced into prostitution by black magic threats in Spain

BUSTED: The group of individuals suspected of coercing the victims have been arrested. Photo Credit: National Police

NATIONAL POLICE have dismantled a crime gang that sexually exploited young transsexuals in an apartment in Spain.

Fifteen victims have been freed and four suspects, believed to be responsible for imprisoning the victims, have been arrested have been imprisoned.

National Police report the victims are from ‘humble origins’ in Brazil.

The victims were allegedly coerced into moving to Spain, where they were forced into prostitution in Murcia.

Once taken to an apartment in Murcia the victims were unable to leave the property and were subjected to ‘continuous serious threats, physical attacks’ and forced to  ‘consume and sell narcotic substances’ according to a National Police statement.

Police claim the criminal gang that imprisoned the victims were likely able to coerce the young Brazilians by manipulating ‘deeply rooted beliefs’ surrounding ‘santería and black magic’ commonly practiced in their country of origin.


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