SNOW JOKE: Blizzard conditions make roads impassable in parts of southern Spain

BLIZZARD: Conditions have forced the DGT to place black level advisories on the roads. Photo Credit: Twitter CGFLO

SNOWY conditions in parts of the south of Spain have forced authorities to make the use of snow chains or winter tyres mandatory particularly near Granada in Andalucia. Buses and heavy goods vehicles are banned from the roads in some areas too.

The Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) has issued in an official Black level (unpassable) communication that snowfall has completely cut off the A-395 in Monachil, Sierra Nevada from kilometre points 36 – 38 (both ways).

A separate notice for kilometre 32 to kilometre 36 (both ways) of the A-395, Sierra Nevada, prohibits buses, lorries and articulated vehicles from passing as well as mandates that all other vehicles travelling between these kilometres use snow chains or a special set of winter tyres.


Despite the black level warnings surrounding the motorways of Sierra Nevada (A-395), the Guardia Civil have stated that the ski resort remains accessible to vehicles which don’t fall under the stated DGT restrictions.

In La Calahorra, Granada, kilometres 16 to 25 of the A-337, at the height of Puerto de la Ragua, have also forbidden the passage of buses, lorries and articulated vehicles.

Similar red level warnings have also been set out today for areas in the north of Spain in areas such as Cañedo in Cantabria, Serranillos in Castila y Leon.



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