KITTEN KILLERS: Brutally-beaten cat found hanging in street in Spain

TWISTED CAT KILLERS: The kitten that was found hanging in the street. Photo credit: PACMA - image pixelated by EWN

AUTHORITIES in Spain are searching for the killers of a kitten that was found hanging with its head deformed and the mouth destroyed in a neighbourhood where eight more dead cats have been found.

The Partido Animalista Contra el Maltrato Animal (PACMA) and the Associaton of Citizen Investigator Researchers (IDIMA) have drawn attention to the sickening animal abuse cases in the Vallecas neighbourhood in Madrid, Spain.

PACMA said in the latest case involved a two-month-old stray cat was beaten and hung above a road on a public thoroughfare.


A thirteen-year-old witness contacted the Municipal Police about a group of children were beating and throwing a cat into the air.

When emergency services arrived firefighters had to climb a roof to remove the lifeless body of the animal.

PACMA has said in a statement: “We want a society educated in respect and solidarity, so we demand the inclusion of protection and welfare of animals in educational plans.

“If you have any knowledge of a case of animal abuse report it.”


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