Mother forgets toddler in car on the Costa del Sol

RESCUE: National Police in Torremolinos freed the girl, aged two.CREDIT: Shutterstock.

NATIONAL POLICE agents have rescued a two-year-old girl from inside a car in which she was locked after  her mother forgot her.

An off-duty policeman spotted the little girl locked in the car in Calle Jamaica, Torremolinos, Malaga, Spain and called in help to free the child.

According to a police inquiry, the girl’s mother, who has two other children, each in a different school, thought she had dropped off her daughter at nursery, parked up and left the child behind.


On seeing the child to be distressed, police smashed a window to rescue her.

Police think a change from the mother’s normal route for the school run may have been the reason for her forgetting.

The child was taken to the police station from where she was later picked up by her parents.


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