Drugs raid uncovers arsenal of weapons in Spanish home

POLICE HAUL: Some of the weapons discovered. CREDIT: CNP

POLICE who raided a suspected drug dealer’s house found more than they expected – an arsenal of weapons.

When they entered the property in the Costa Blanca city of Valencia, Spain, they found not just 22 grammes of cocaine but also a revolver, an antique muzzle-loading weapon, a pistol, 19 sheath knives, four machetes, three fake firearms and various blank cartridges

The 46-year-old Spanish occupant of the flat has been arrested on a charge of an offence against public health. In addition to the cocaine, the agents seized precision scales, €130 and various tools for the preparation and weighing of drugs.


Police launched the operation after they heard of a possible drugs selling point. A surveillance operation spotted an abnormal number of people visiting the flat who left after just a few minutes.


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