Spanish woman punched in suspected racial attack in London

RACIAL ATTACK: In a London Overground carriage (File image). Photo credit: Shutterstock

A SPANISH woman was left bleeding above the eye after being punched in the face in a suspected racist attack on a London train.

She was allegedly assaulted after her male assailant heard her speaking Spanish during a phone call on the packed Overground line.

According to British press, witnesses said he hurled abuse at the woman between Dalston Kingsland and Canonbury during rush hour on Tuesday evening.


An engineer who was travelling on the train, reportedly saw the man approach his ‘victim’ violently before shouting and swearing at her to speak in English, screaming that because she is in England, she ‘shouldn’t speak other languages.’

The lady was apparently in so much shock she couldn’t respond in English and continued talking in Spanish, before he allegedly punched her in the face.

Somebody else on the train is believed to have pressed the emergency stop, but the attacker just ‘walked off’.

A 56-year-old man was later arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated bodily harm by British Transport Police.



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