VIDEO: Lorry driver in violent hammer attack on cyclists in Spain

HAMMER ATTACK: The shocking attack by the lorry driver on the cyclists was captured on video. Photo credit: Twitter / @salamancaenbici

A HAMMER-WIELDING lorry driver has been captured on video savagely attacking two cyclists with a hammer after they went to reproach him about his driving.

The shocking scene was captured on the road between Pontevedra to Marín in Galicia in the north of the country.

The two victims had gone to recriminate with the driver accusing him of driving in a reckless manner before he pulled the weapon out and chased the men.
He was heard threatening to kill the cyclists before delivering two hammer blows on the shoulders and arms and a third to the head of one man who was taken to hospital by ambulance.


Police have identified the lorry driver.

The haulage company he worked for has said they will “take appropriate measures so that it does not return to work for the company.”


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