Six arrested after explosive device attacks on high speed rail network in Spain

EXPLOSIVE RAIL ATTACKS: The high-speed network is being extended into Murcia (file image) and inset one of the recovered devices. Photo credits: Shutterstock / Twitter @DelegGobMurcia

POLICE have arrested six people in Murcia for sabotage attacks on new works for the AVE high-speed train network in the south of Spain.

The first attacks were launched in December last year and the following month the police arrested the alleged leaders a 55-year-old man and youths aged 17 and 14.

However, another wave of attacks happened in February when explosive cartridges incorporating shrapnel were thrown at security staff guarding the works.


The National Police say those now detained have links with extreme left groups.

They are charged with the possession and use of explosives that were used to sabotage the machinery used in the construction of the new platform.

Forensic and bomb squad police were involved in the extensive investigations.

None of the attacks caused injuries but are reckoned to have added around €1.15 million in additional costs.

Protest groups want the high-speed line into the city built totally underground through the urban area instead of the plan for a surface route.

There was a large demonstration in September 2017 when containers, machinery and tyres were burnt in protest to the arrival of the high-speed train in the city.



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