Almeria province is Andalucia’s leader in food market exports

TOMATOES: Almeria’s largest export CREDIT: Shutterstock

ALMERIA has been hailed the most outstanding Andalucian province in terms of export with €1,810 million in sales of fruit and vegetables abroad during the first eight months of the year.

This is almost half of the exports carried out by this particular sector in the province as a whole (47 per cent), despite a slight decrease of 0.4 per cent on the same period last year.

And it suggests Almeria contributes one out of every two euros sold by the autonomous community abroad.


The data was provided by the Ministry of Economy and Business, and prepared for Andalucia by Extenda-Andalucian Agency for Foreign Promotion.

When broken down, tomatoes represent the largest exported item with 466 million of them sold (12 per cent of the total globally), followed by strawberries at 461 million (11.8 per cent global), and peppers with 444 million (11.4 per cent).

In fourth place are raspberries and blackberries with 298 million (7.2 per cent), followed by melons, watermelons and papayas with 283 million (7.3 per cent) and blueberries, bilberries and other fruits of the same genre, at 269 million (6.9 per cent).

In terms of the countries that receive the exports from Andalucia, Europe is the main market.



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