Waterproof your wood shed

PROTECT: There are techniques to safeguard the contents of your shed Photo Credit: Shutterstock

WHILE the sun shines for a good part of the year in Spain, it’s still worth protecting your shed from the inevitable rain.

Most wooden sheds come with a wood-based primer coating that secures against natural weathering, but sometimes it’s not enough.

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It’s worth waterproofing to add extra protection and safeguard everything stored inside.

While nothing is completely fool-proof, the following tips will certainly minimize any damage.

The first step is to ensure the shed is slightly off the ground, to prevent water seeping up from below which can destroy your shed in months.

Use old scrap metal and concrete blocks to elevate your shed.

Adding a wood preservation treatment is a great way to keep your shed in good shape. It’s a simple process, spray all over the wood, and let it dry. You may want to use a spirit, instead of a wood-based preservative, because this type will soak more efficiently into the wood.

Leave for a couple of days, and then paint over with a waterproof paint to add extra weathering strength.

For the best moisture protection, seal the wood shed both inside and out with a commercial sealer. One specifically designed for wood will produce a better result, but it isn’t necessary.

Begin by sealing the perimeter of the roof, paying particular attention to the corners which is where water slips through, and continue with the walls, and again the edges at the bottom.

A waterproof roof is vital, so it’s worth adding a protective layer here as well. This can be done by adding sheets of old scrap metal or fibreglass to the inside.

Insulation is also a good idea. There are many products you can use, ranging from bubble wrap to double glazing with insulated window frames. You can also buy breathable linings and membranes, but be aware of your needs and budget.


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