RYANAIR ‘RACIST’ INCIDENT: Airline staff will be trained how to deal with “uncivilised behaviour”

TRAINING: Edward Wilson says staff will be taught how to deal with future incidents. Photo credits: David Lawrence / Shutterstock

THE Human Resources Director of budget airline Ryanair, Edward Wilson, has spoken about recent criticisms of staff following last week’s well-publicised ‘racist’ incident on a flight between Barcelona and London Stansted.

Speaking at a press conference in Madrid today (Wednesday) following a breakthrough deal with Spanish pilots’ union SEPLA, Mr Wilson pledged that the low-cost airline will teach its cabin crew staff future protocol for dealing with “uncivilised behaviour”.

Regarding last weeks ‘racist’ controversy, the HR director conceded: “Maybe the correct thing would have been to invite the passenger to get off the plane.”


However, Mr Wilson defended his staff stating: “Acting and judging events ‘hot’ is very complicated.”

This week, Barcelona City Council has announced its plans to take the Ryanair alleged ‘racist’ incident to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

In the video footage captured by fellow passenger David Lawrence, Ryanair’s flight attendants asked the alleged racist not to be rude and to calm down.

Other passengers pleaded for the alleged aggressor to be ejected from the flight. However, no action was taken to expel or move the alleged racist.

In defence of Ryanair’s cabin crew, Edward Wilson stressed the way staff handled the incident “was always correct.”


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