BIG CHILL: Spain readies itself for 10ºC drop in temperatures and fresh storms

DROP: Spain is forecast to experience a big drop in temperatures Photo Credit: Shutterstock / @tiempobrasero

THE SPANISH Met Office (AEMET) has warned of a sudden, “significant drop in temperatures” as “a mass of very cold air” enters the country from the north on Friday.

AEMET has forecasted icy winds and “a significant drop in temperatures” which are set to arrive in time for the weekend.

The dramatic shift in temperatures is expected to start in the north and then to cover “nearly all of Spain” over the coming weekend, according to the meteorologist Rubén del Campo.


The AEMET forecast was announced on Monday and therefore is subject to change in regards to exact timing.

However, AEMET are warning that temperatures will likely plummet between eight and 10 degrees during the coming weekend.

The cold spell is expected to encroach on Northern Spain on Friday, reaching the east of the peninsula by Sunday.

Due to delayed progress of the cold winds, parts of Spain are expected to experience dramatic contrasts in weather.  Sevilla, for example is expected to record 20ºC on Saturday before the cold spell arrives.  Lugo in the north of the country is expected to record temperatures of 6ºC on the same day.


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