Spain has best beaches in the world according to new study

Which of Spain's regions are ready for Phase 1 of deescalation? CREDIT: Shutterstock

A NEW study has honoured Spain with the world’s best beaches award 2018.

It has been named the country with the most Blue Flags, 696, than anywhere else in the world.

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The findings were revealed last week by the Association of Environmental Education (ADEAC), the Spanish section Federation of Environment Education (FEE).

The award was set up in 1987, and Spain has dominated the competition ever since, collecting more ‘quality beaches’ than Portugal, Greece, France and Turkey.

Factors taken into consideration by judges include beach safety, water quality, environmental information and management.

The top three regions were Valencia which received 132 flags, Galicia with 109 and Catalonia which was awarded 101 flags.

Despite being 186 miles away from the nearest coast, Madrid was given its first flag for the Virgen de la Nueve, which is located on the Banks of San Juan reservoir close to the town of San Martin de Valdeiglesia.


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