MIGRANT SEND-BACK: 55 expelled from Spain day after they stormed border

DEPORTED: 55 migrants have already been expelled from Spain. Photo Credit: @mediaguinee via Twitter

FIFTY FIVE immigrants who scaled the fence between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Melilla on Sunday have already been expelled from Spain.

Theye were amongst a group of more than 200 who broke through police lines to enter Melilla in an attempt to gain entry to Spain. One immigrant died in the incident, with police saying they were subjected to violence including being on the receiving end of pepper sprays, thrown faeces and quicklime.

Despite gaining entry to Spain, the immigrants were quickly rounded up by police, with 55 being sent back to Morocco today.


The Spanish government used a controversial treaty between Spain and Morocco to return the migrants. In August they used the same agreement to return 116 people who had stormed the border at another Spanish enclave – Ceuta . The Spanish government said it was justified in doing so due to the alleged violence used by the migrants in getting onto Spanish territory.

In the case of Melilla on Sunday, six Guardia Civil were hurt, although none of them required hospitalisation. For their part the Moroccan authorities say 12 soldiers were hurt and needed hospital treatment as a group of 300 sub-saharan migrants made the crossing attempt, with 209 making it into Spain. They said “several” of the soldiers were in a serious condition.

In total 19 migrants were hurt in the crossing, with five still in hospital.

It is thought the immigrant who died may have had a heart attack. A post mortem examination is due to be carried out.



  1. With ” over 200 ” managing to break through and 55 sent back. Wonderful, that means at least another 150 free loaders for the tax payer to support for the next 50 years!


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