New data shows how wildfires devastated Spanish province this year

Image: Twitter

ALMERIA PROVINCE was among those in Andalucia most affected by wildfires this year with hundreds of hectares of forests and scrubland gutted by blazes, according to official data.

Plan Infoca’s annual report on blaze outbreaks in the region stated that more than 364 hectares of land were burned during this year’s high risk period. The high risk period was declared over last Monday, having lasted four months.

Data from Plan Infoca, Andalucia wildfire taskforce, showed that land burnt in Almeria accounted for more than 10 per cent of the land gutted by fires during the period. The total amount of land affected by fires in Andalucia was almost 3,300 hectares.


Plan Infoca said on Twitter in its last fire warning last Monday that people’s caution should not go away with the end of the high risk period.

“It has been a pleasure to share information about the excellent work down by all those who collaborate together on defending our natural heritage,” the agency said.

Jose Fiscal, the Junta de Andalucia’s environment spokesperson, said Plan Infoca had undertaken “exceptional” work throughout the high-risk period.

Firefighters were called out a total of 33 times in Almeria Province, with blazes largely striking scrubland. The majority of fires affected areas of less than one hectare, according to Plan Infoca figures.


  1. What people always find surprising is the speed at which burned land recovers – albeit in a different form. Given the recent rain we can expect that within 7 days the land will be green, with new grass and wildflower shoots emerging. Ants, whose nests are deep enough to survive these superficial fires, and ‘topillos’ – Voles – will start turning the soil again, other insects will turn up and the reptiles and birds will flourish. Anyone interested in ecology should select a patch of ground and record it week by week, taking a photo of the same patch of ground over a year. They will be well rewarded.


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