TRAGEDY: Baby dies after getting caught in the blinds of her family home in Spain

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A 16-Year-Old Scooter Rider Killed On Zebra Crossing In Valdemoro. image: wikimedia

A 16-MONTH-OLD baby died last night (Wednesday) at her family home in Madrid when her neck became entangled with the cord of a blind.

The incident occurred in the Barajas area as reported by the emergency services.

It is believed that the baby girl attempted to climb out of her cot and was accidentally strangled by a blind cord upon doing so.


Summa 112 paramedics responded to an emergency call but reported the baby girl was in cardiorespiratory arrest.

After attempting several resuscitation manoeuvres to save the 16-month-old’s life they were unable to revive her.

Psychologists in Madrid are taking care of the parents of the girl and her caretaker.

National Police will now conduct their mandatory investigation to discover the exact circumstances of the little girl’s death.


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