Can they park in the street?

Can they park in the street? Photo Credit: Shutterstock

QUESTION:  I live in an urbanisation where there is no proper parking space in the street for a kilometer. The street is a cul de sac. However, for the last thirty years people have squeezed their cars into the street without any problems. The street has no name and there has never been a “No Exit” sign. Now a neighbour has complained to the police there were too many cars parked. The police came and then asked the urbanisation to put a yellow line and a board to prohibit parking. Now I can’t get visitors or a plumber because they have to park on a yellow line and can get a fine. Most of the neighbours have the same problem. My question is: Do we complain to the community or to the police?

N.P. (Costa del Sol)

ANSWER:  As you tell it, the police have taken no official action. Only the community has acted. I suspect that your street is not really a public way and that nobody can be fined.  You want to bring the issue to your AGM and vote to remove the yellow line and the sign.

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