VIDEO: Spain to be punished by UEFA after booing England’s national anthem

Photo credit: Twitter / AwayDaysBible3

SPAIN has come under fire from UEFA after audible jeers could be heard during England’s national anthem last night.

Supporters gathered for the UEFA Nations league clash between Spain and  England in the Benito Villamarin stadium, home to Real Betis in Sevilla, Andalucia.

As ‘God Save The Queen’ was played, boos and whistles were heard on a night that would spell La Rioja’s first defeat on home soil in 15 years as England went on to win the game 2-3.


The news of a potential fine for Spain following the actions of some supporters, comes in the aftermath of alleged ‘English fans’ filmed trashing the streets of Sevilla forcing riot police to intervene.

An announcement was made addressing both sets of fans to respect each opposing nation’s national anthem.

However, the announcement was not heeded by some groups of supporters present in the Benito Villamarin stadium.

WATCH: ‘English hooligans’ trash the streets of Sevilla ahead of Nations League clash with Spain


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