WATCH: ‘English hooligans’ trash the streets of Sevilla ahead of Nations League clash with Spain

HOOLIGANS: English fans caused problems for the National Police last night. Photo Credit: ElDesmarque TV

A GROUP of alleged England fans have been captured on video vandalising the streets of Sevilla and being pursued by police in southern Spain.

National Police officers were dispersed to control the group’s anti-social behaviour as a group of fans caused a disturbance on Avenida Reyes Catolicos and Paseo Colon, which are two of Sevilla’s busiest streets.


The hooligans featured in the video had arrived in Sevilla ahead of the Nations League international fixture which is scheduled for tonight (Monday) in the city.

In the footage posted by El Desmarque TV on YouTube, the group can be seen vandalising cars by kicking wing mirrors of parked vehicles, intimidating motorists and one individual throwing an identifiable object at a passing car in the city.

Pleas were issued by the British police for travelling England fans to behave themselves on their travels in Spain, adding it would be “incredibly disheartening” to witness the scenes of England’s last visit to Spain in 2015.

England’s previous visit to Spain was blemished by the outbreak of numerous alcohol driven brawls amongst England followers.

Spanish media has condemned the actions of the England supporters, labelling the footage as ‘disgraceful’.

The National Police’s specialist council on football policing have gone on record to say: “Anyone seen to be misbehaving could not only face being arrested and charged for offences in Spain, they could also be subject to a football banning order on their return to the UK.”


  1. These hooligans are so stupid, hope the police caught up with them and battered them – spanich police are much rougher than British police. They should be banned from all football grounds, but so difficult to enforce.


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