Pair accused of feeding live puppies and kittens to python snake in Spain

PUPPY DOGS: Owners of the royal python snake allegedly fed it puppies, kittens and a bird (File photograph). Photo credit: Shutterstock

TWO people in the south of Spain are facing trial for feeding live puppies and kittens to their pet royal python snake.

The couple could face a one jail sentence if the case proceeds and goes before the courts, after a problem with it being out of time as the offences are alleged to have occurred in 2016 and 2017.

The accusation was made by the Asociación Animalista Montes Orientales after images surfaced on an internet portal when the offered a royal python snake ‘Phyton regius’, about five-years-old and 1.5 metres in length.


The advertisement included a photograph where the snake is seen curled around a puppy dog.

The animal protection association contacted the seller, posing as a buyer and they claim she admitted that she fed the snake with puppies, kittens as well as a bird.

After presenting the information to the Seprona branch of the Guardia Civil in Granada the police located the person who had placed the advertisement on the website.

The associated accused the two of causing “death in a cruel, gratuitous and unjustified manner.”

In addition to jail sentence the prosecution also demands that both defendants be disqualified for “the possession of animals for a period of three years.”

The association points out that the “normal and legal” food of a python is rodents “that can be bought vacuum packed and frozen.”


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