Emu dies from ‘stress’ after one-mile police chase in Spain

EMU CHASE: Police pursued the frightened bird for more than a mile. Photo credit: Twitter

AN escaped emu has collapsed and died in Spain after it was pursued by police on motorbikes for more than a mile (two kilometres).

The frightened, flightless bird ran through the streets in the town of Sant Cugat del Valles, north of Barcelona.


The animal rights group Plataforma Animalista San Cugat del Valles has denounced the police action and demanded that they be provided “with protocols and specific training to be able to manage future interventions where wildlife is involved, exotic and native, to ensure both public safety and animal welfare.”

The town hall has said that the police officers pursued the animal because it could present a danger to the public.

They said the owner of the emu had been located and could face charges or a fine.

“Remember that the owners of this type of animal they have to ensure their safety and that of those around him, because it could have caused serious damage and physical materials.”


  1. Oh how brave and courageous to chase a frightened bird with motorbikes and then pounce on it (and gloating) as if a dangerous fugitive when already dead…pathetic…
    They’ll probably frame the photo and hang it in their sitting room…


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