WEEDED OUT: 8,000 marihuana plants seized on Spain’s Costa Blanca

WEEDED OUT: 8,00 marihuana plants were confiscated (file image) Photo Credit: Getty Images

THE Guardia Civil have impounded 8,000 marihuana plants in Campello, Muchamiel and Alicante.

They also arrested six people, all of Dutch nationality and aged between 39 and 43, frustrating plans to sow a further 20 plantations with 80,000 plants.

Five of the detainees were remanded on drugs charges and defrauding an energy company, as the three raided plantations all used illegal electricity connections to provide heating and ventilation for the growing plants.

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The operation was carried out in two phases by Guardia Civil investigators from the San Juan post, who arrested a man and a woman in La Nucia and another male in Alicante last September.

A week later, three more men were arrested in Campello where the Guardia Civil dismantled a plantation of 6,500 plants, most of which were still immature.

The remaining plants were growing in plantations in Muchamiel and El Rebolledo on the outskirts of Alicante City.


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