Court in southern Spain jails groper for sexual assault

DUBIOUS: The defendant appeared “spurious” and unconvincing Photo Credit: Wikimedia commons

A COURT in Almeria City has jailed a defendant for one year after finding him guilty of sexually assaulting a woman in a bar in the provincial capital.

Almeria’s Fifth Criminal Court heard the man came upon the woman while in a bar in the city’s Plaza Masnou de Almeria.

Prosecutors told the court the defendant touched the woman’s behind as she walked through the door to the pub. He was guided by his sexual desire, prosecutors added.


The woman immediately told the defendant to stop and warned him she would report him to the police if he continued. She filed her complained with National Police the same night after he touched her again.

The judge presiding said the man’s defence was “spurious” and unconvincing. The defendant has also been fined €300 and will able to appeal against the sentence.


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