WATCH: Spain’s socialist Prime Minister red-faced after HUGE protocol gaffe with King

KING OF SPAIN: During the military parade in Madrid yesterday (Friday). Photo credit: Twitter / @CasaReal

SPAIN’S socialist PM, Pedro Sánchez, was left with a red-face when, in front of the cameras, he made a big blunder at a royal reception yesterday (Friday).

It came during an official reception at the Royal Palace as Spain celebrated its October 12 National Day.

PSOE’s Pedro Sánchez and his wife, Begoña Gómez, were greeted by the Royal’s on their arrival at the dinner following a big military parade but then took a place alongside them greeting other guests arriving at the dinner.


The protocol error was spotted by royal aides who swiftly moved in to move them on.

It was not a good day for PM Sánchez. Earlier he had been booed by elements of the crowd during the parade.

He has served as Prime Minister of Spain since June 2, 2018 after PSOE filed a successful no-confidence motion against the PP’s Mariano Rajoy.


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